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Monitor and Analyze your Applications to Make Better Decisions

Follow Your App Into the Wild

Runtime Intelligence™ collects, manages, analyzes, and publishes application adoption and end-user behavior well beyond HTML including enterprise, smartphone, and cloud-based components.

Monitor, Measure and Manage

It’s just common sense. Knowing how software is really being used in the field leads directly to improved user experience, software quality and customer satisfaction. Don’t develop in the dark — application analytics are just hours away.

Strategic Solutions

  • Beta Cycle

    A win-win for developers and users. Runtime Intelligence takes the mystery and the drudgery out of beta cycle release management.

  • Evaluation Process

    Increase win rates, lower the sales cost, and increase profitability through the integration of Runtime Intelligence into your software evaluation process.

  • Customer Experience Improvement

    Improve satisfaction, retention, and software quality through the scalable and secure customer experience monitoring of production software.

  • Mobile CEI

    Capture the unique dimensions of the mobile experience with the secure and efficient mobile analytics included with Runtime Intelligence.

  • Software Support

    Exception reporting combined with healthy production usage data and detailed runtime environmental details are readily available to support.

  • IT Modernization

    Migrating, refactoring, and mitigating aging applications is materially simplified when Runtime Intelligence analytics are injected into legacy apps.


Industry Solutions

  • ISV

    ISV’s rely upon Runtime Intelligence to automate customer experience improvement programs, improve improve win rates from evaluations, and to improve product quality.

  • Mobile ISV

    Mobile ISVs targeting consumers, the enterprise, or gamers all rely upon Runtime Intelligence to improve customer experience and increase adoption.

  • Game Developer

    Game developers gain insight into user patterns, practices, and preferences improving adoption and increasing loyalty.

  • Equipment Manufacturer

    Software isn’t your business core business, but it drives your business. Use Runtime Intelligence to improve operational results and increase business performance.

  • Systems Integration

    Runtime Intelligence is not about what you collect — it’s how you connect. SI’s add material value through integrating runtime intelligence into other systems.


Advanced Solutions

  • Mobile Analytics

    Provide actionable intelligence for development, marketing, IT operations, and even consumers through Runtime Intelligence mobile analytics.

    Advanced Mobile Analytics
  • Cloud Services

    Runtime Intelligence for the cloud means that transferring control of IT operations into the cloud does not have to mean loss of visibility into application usage and stability.

  • Silverlight RIA

    Know how your Silverlight application is being used and when it fails — wherever it’s deployed with Runtime Intelligence.